Banty Enhanced

Live Video Events

Banty offers a unique service called Banty Enhanced.  This platform was created to interact with other popular platforms like Zoom, Goto Meeting, WebEx and more.

The enhancement empowers us to turn a regular, “talking head” Zoom-type video into an exciting interactive presentation that enables picture in picture, split screens, multi camera cuts, a blend of video with slides, animations, graphics, music, animated lower thirds text and more.

Banty’s programmers created a custom platform that gives our customers a super enhanced presentation experience that isn’t currently available with other platforms.

The great news is Banty Enhanced, works with all other platforms, so if your organization is in a contract with another video conferencing provider, you will still benefit from the Banty Enhanced experience. Your customers will love it.

We are regularly hosting virtual interactive meetings for some of the world’s largest pharmaceutical companies. Banty Enhanced works for all businesses on most video conferencing platforms.

Live productions of interactive presentations, streaming to hundreds of people around the world. Starting at $3500 per event. Full turn key productions.