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Online events are complex and failures occur regularly. Banty solves this by providing turn key solutions that are managed by our experienced team.

With Banty, you eliminate the risk of failure so you can breathe easy and focus on your business goals.

Banty is a video conferencing platform featuring the best online event technology and virtual event management services. Our team of experts create enhanced and engaging experiences that undoubtedly maximizes the ROI for your sponsors and exhibitors.

When working with Banty Virtual Event Specialists, you will give attendees an innovative, organized, forward-thinking online event that will leave them with a positive, lasting impression.

Here is a closer look at our features:

Event Registration

Video conference organizers are able to easily manage attendee registration. The registration system helps you set ticket prices, put your event passes on sale, track sales, as well as properly handle promotions, waitlists, badge design, confirmation emails, and more.

Online Exhibitor Booths

Enter the Exhibit Hall and use the interactive floor plan to find an exhibitor and begin a conversation. During virtual events, this feature allows exhibitors to see who is at their booth in real-time. What’s more, parties can subsequently participate in private video calls, text chats, or screen share sessions.


The gamification tool gives those hosting a virtual conference a fun way to encourage attendees to be active trade show participants. For instance, point values can be set for visiting certain exhibitors. The attendee who ends up with the highest point total by event’s end, would then be eligible for a prize.

Pre-Recorded Keynotes from our Toronto-based Studio

At our Toronto-based studio, Banty films, edits and packages keynote addresses to ensure optimal quality. If a speaker is outside of the Greater Toronto Area, we have video producers across North America who can record speeches from a remote location and get the footage back to us.

With our digital trade show platform, speakers can also opt to do their presentations live.

The Live Newsroom Feel

During your live event, Banty is able to intercept the video feed using our internal super-computer. We can take that footage (even if it’s being broadcast through a video meeting application like Zoom, GoTo Meeting, WebEx, etc.), edit it in real-time and push it out to your audience.

Additionally, our talented, quick-thinking team can inject titles, graphics, photos, tickers, sound effects, or even a fun background into your stream. In many ways, we perform on-the-fly production methods as if you were a news anchor and we were the control room.

With fibre Internet featured in our studio, content production never lags.

Breakout Rooms
Virtual Trade Show participants can seamlessly transition from larger, lecture-style sessions of an event into one of our breakout rooms for a more intimate conversation with a smaller group of participants.
Q&A Session Moderating
When hundreds, or thousands, of participants view a keynote, chances are many will have the same question. We moderate the question and answer period so that the speaker’s time is not monopolized by scrolling through a series of questions, trying to pick out the best, most original ones. This is one of many virtual event hosting tasks we perform to help your event run smoothly.
Live Q&As
Even if the keynote speaker recorded their presentation two months ago, we can have this individual wear the same outfit and make it look like the live Q&A is occurring immediately after the address.
Load Balancing
Banty streams events using multiple servers at the same time. This ensures that no matter where an attendee is viewing a virtual conference – and regardless of where in the world said event is being held – the feed will be crisp and clear.
Lead Retrieval
Participating exhibitors can review their captured leads and their associated contact information within the very user-friendly exhibitor portals.
Online and In-Hand
Banty Virtual Events online can be accessed on desktops, as well as mobile devices like smartphones and tablets.

Custom packages are available to fit a wide range of budgets.

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